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Bub Hub is designed to offer you and or your partner or carers further tools you can use to help you understand your baby or babies better.


  • Understanding your baby's behaviour
  • Understanding baby cues and what they mean
  • Stages of newborn development in relation to sleep
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Developing a routine into the future 
  • Sleep safety
  • Sleep environment checklist

Our Bub Hub events give you loads of information to take home, a chance to socialise with other new parents and offer you a chance to create your own local "bub hub." You will form new friendships with like minded people and work towards having more balance in the home. 

Suitable for parents or carers of newborns to three months of age. 

Grab a group of like minded friends together and we can run a Sleep Effect Bub Hub. Minimum 5 parents or carers ($150/person).

We are happy to travel and brings this awesome package to your community.

The group sessions do not included ongoing support.