Kate was very reassuring. She was very professional and factual in her approach, yet you also felt you were discussing your child’s sleep issues with a longtime friend. She was emphatic and reassured me that it was all very “normal”. She not only consulted but would follow up regularly to make sure changes in my sons sleep schedule were successful. 
Skye and Ollie - 3 years
Kate was brilliant, she started by asking lots of questions of what Sophie's sleep environment is like, how she settles and how long she sleeps for. She was very reassuring in her approach making me feel like we're doing a great job as it was and with a few adjustments we would be able to achieve getting Sophie off the bottle overnight and sleeping through.
Jenny and Sophie - 21 months
The consult with Kate gave me a plan of attack and helped to educate me on ways to help my babies sleep. Kate was amazing. She was very knowledgeable and understanding. She interacted well with my child as well and gave great suggestions that are working. Will be happy to hire her in the future if needed.
Felicity and Brylee 4 years
Kate was very helpful and knew her stuff. She answered all my questions and made me feel positive towards the goal of having my child sleep. She explained things to me in a way I could easily understand. She gave me lots of options for how I could achieve my goal. She was available to help me and replied to my questions via text and email promptly. She was quick in providing a very detailed action plan for me to put in place. She made me feel comfortable and it was nice to have her see Ollie's sleep environment and make suggestions.
Sally and Ollie - 6 months