What our clients say

Kate listens and provides caring advice, Her plans are nurturing yet factual and are in line with our values as parents. Our little one is settling better day by day and we are feeling a little more human again. For that we are very thankful.

Andrew & Sarah Virtual consultation

Kate provides such great advice, she takes the time to understand you and your little one. The virtual consultation, follow up phone calls and plan really helped in finding the strategies that work. I can't recommend Kate enough.

Kate & Andy Virtual Consultation

The consult with Kate gave me a plan of attack and helped to educate me on ways to help my babies sleep. Kate was amazing. She was very knowledgeable and understanding. She interacted well with my child as well and gave great suggestions that are working. Will be happy to hire her in the future if needed.

Felicity and Brylee 4 years In Home Consultation
Kate is a miracle worker. We booked a visit with our second babe at four weeks old as they are refusing to sleep during the day. She was miserable, eating small amounts every two hours. After our consultation with Kate we were fully equipped with the knowledge we needed and put it into practice. Within five days our babe was finishing a full feed, having a good block of sleep and even surprised us with sleeping through the night!Having the ability to stay in touch with Kate has been great. Our little one is still sleeping and we are waking up fully energised feeling like we are smashing parenthood. 

April In home consultation