The Sleep Effect Story

It has been over twelve months since I started Sleep Effect and this week in our blog, I thought I would share a little more about our story. Whilst it has no Cindarella storyline or ending, it is a story of a recovering sleep deprived mother who was desperate for help and after receiving that help wanting to help other families with sleep deprivation.  

I had been a midwife for a while, let’s say five years when I had my first child. The adjustment to motherhood took some time as I was quite career driven prior to this and it took time to realise there were no emails to check nor a schedule my child would follow. I also couldn’t believe how tired I felt. I was a very social person and missed the daily work interactions or the ability to throw my bag over my shoulder and head out. Life was different. I thought as a midwife I should know what to do, in particular in relation to the consolidation of sleep overnight. The long nights turned into months and soon I had a nine-month-old who was awake many times at night. I was done! I don’t deny there was probably a little resentment towards my husband who slept obliviously overnight and always said the token ‘it was a great night last night; he didn’t wake up.’  He often didn’t get a response to this ridiculous statement.

In the end we hired a sleep consultant after numerous unsuccessful weaning and resettling episodes. I am hopeless at listening to a baby cry, I really struggle and those who have met me can tell you it is clearly not my approach.  I appreciated that within a few nights of the sleep consultant coming we had a sleeping baby but If I had my time again I probably would investigate their approach before investing. I weaned breastfeeding cold turkey (not recommended) and  I felt a failure as someone else solved the problem for me not me as the mother. The sleep consultant I used sent us out on the first night and she did the settle. Admittedly at the time I was happy to be at a pub having a wine and not settling a baby but as time went by and as I reflect on this over five years later, I have learnt and grown a lot in this time and my underlying philosophy is That of empowering the parents I work with.  I would try a different approach next time. I am grateful for this sleep consultant and the sleep they enabled me to have and to this day my child is a great sleeper.

After two further pregnancies I returned to work and lasted six weeks. I knew it was time to follow my passion, cash in the long service leave and continue my education and start Sleep Effect. I have loved every minute and every family that I have helped with Sleep Effect. I have a strong passion for rural Australians having access to reputable services locally. Also to have choice in who you use. I love that I can be helping a family in Nevertire one day and Warwick the next whilst organizing an event in Moree as the town has spoken. The flexibility of being a one-woman band is enormous and the feedback I receive makes it a rewarding job.

As I say to all of my clients you can not love your child enough and I work with you to leave sleep deprivation behind you by empowering your family with knowledge, professional expertise and an understanding of sleep. The benefits of my consultation can be a restored sense of balance in the home, everyone will be thriving, your relationships will improve, you have a happier child and can live the life you want. I know every child is different. What works for one child may not work for the next and that is why i work with your parenting style and the infant's temperament. If you feel you are stuck in a sleep deprived fog please get in touch or visit our website to find out more. You don’t need to feel like this, we are here to help.