The Sleep Effect Bub Hub story

You may have noticed the addition of Sleep Effects Bub Hub to the services we offer. This package was added to celebrate our first birthday. I have loved helping families over the last twelve months and during this time I have thought about the services I offered and realized I did not offer an appropriate service to new parents early in their parenting journey. Whilst I offered education for parents during pregnancy ‘before the baby’ it was not in high demand, and let’s face it, we think the birth is the biggest milestone we will need to overcome. I don’t think it is until we have had a few sleepless nights at home that we start to realize we are not adequately prepared for the journey ahead, or at least that is how I felt and I’m a midwife! I wanted to offer a safe place for like minded parents to create friendships and learn at the same time about all things sleep.

Sleep Effect Bub Hub is for families with newborns through to three months old. Becoming a new parent is a huge transition. Learning to understand your little one can be very hard, particularly when they can not speak. Our program is super practical and based on evidence and science.  In Bub Hub we explore and unpack sleep, normal growth and development including the huge changes that occur in a baby’s brain. We then move onto what are my baby’s cues? And what do the mean? These cues can include hunger, satiation, sleep, engaging and body language.

Jasmin, a recent participant happily shared with us she was ‘able to understand sleep cues and I took that home and shared it with my husband and we are onto them now. We understand our baby far better now.’ By understanding these cues, we can respond in a timely way to their needs and help decrease anxiety, uncertainty and crying in the home. This leads to cohesion in the home and everyone enjoying family life.  

Helen also added ‘Sleep Effect Bub Hub has given me trust and confidence to look at his cues and build our own family routine which incorporates our older child.’ Empowering families with honest, accurate information are so important as you can not love your baby enough and there is no wrong.

Crying is something we all aspire to minimize when we become a new parent. Crying can vary from individual to individual but in Sleep Effects Bub Hub we explore crying and how normal it can be. By understanding crying it can help us to be prepared and also help us to support the families around is that may have an infant who cries more than the average baby. One of the recent participants Erin shared after attending Sleep Effect Bub Hub how she was ‘able to get on top of the crying and minimize it which has been good.’

Another topic which is discussed in detail is settling approaches and how to move from hands on settling to self-settling. Participants have walked away from the sessions feeling empowered with the knowledge and skills in how to approach this when it is the right time for your family. I believe very strongly in every family’s differences and how your parenting style and your infants temperament impact on sleep. At our Moree Bub Hub last week we spoke a lot around how we as parents often derail ourselves. By attending the Sleep Effect Bub Hub parents can be ‘instinctual and confident’ with their own decision making.  

It is my dream that we can help all parents adjust to parenthood by providing them with support and accurate information. I would love for everyone to be able to speak openly and honestly around the cruelty of sleep deprivation, be supportive of the friend who has a baby that cries a little more than the average and value the huge job description new parents have.

Our next Sleep Effect Bub Hub is running in Tamworth on the 13th and 27th of November. We are available to run Bub Hub in any town, email for more details. Purchase your ticket here so you don't miss out.