I've got a secret I want to share with you.......

Over the last few months, I have been working hard to become a Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) Accredited Practitioner. I know these appear to be big words but really it is a very different way about thinking about breastfeeding, sleep and how we go about parenting all backed by the research. I was so fortunate to hear about this pathway through my friends over at FamilyHQ. I have a few more boxes to tick but it won’t be long.  I couldn’t help but share this with you. This course, NDC or  Possums Online has changed the way that I think, definitely the way I will practice and I am sure you will love it.

We all want the best start for our children  and we all crave the percieved best information available.  Unfortunately there is a huge gap between the evidence and practice.  This evidence-based approach flips a lot of the popular advice you have heard or are being told upside down. We cannot look at  your health, feeding, sleep or your baby’s health and  need for rich and varied sensory nourishment in isolation. By understanding this, it in turn helps you to understand what is going on for your little one and provide the best love and opportunities for your baby.  Traditional sleep approaches arose in the 1950's and 1960's and didn't have a lot of science behind it rather a first wave behaviouralism approach. I could talk about it for days but i think we could do things differently and have better outcomes with feeding, sleep and our overall well being. 

Environmental factors in early life have lifelong affects, Whilst this has not been well understood in the past, we now know the early environment and the way we respond to our baby's needs impact on the setting of the:

  • Gut microbiota
  • Immunity
  • Metabolism
  • Stress response
  • Mental health and attachment

There are many issues I can help you address, in person or virtually,  and they don’t involve crying or being stuck at home, I promise they will align with your values as a parent and enable you to live the life you want as a parent. To be perfectly honest it has taken me a little while to recover from the fact that I didn’t start my children’s life the way I should have using a neuropretective development approach.

Neuroprotective Developmental Care aims to protect the rapidly developing infant brain and gut during the critical first 12 months of life, starting antenatally, and supports parents' mental health and psychological resilience during this challenging though rewarding time.

I would love to talk to you if you feel your baby

  • fussiness at the breast
  • has wind
  • is suffering from what you think is reflux
  • excessive crying
  • excessive night time waking
  • maybe catnapping

Alternatively, if you are experiencing

  • challenges with breastfeeding, including pain or damage
  • feeling stuck at home

I can’t wait to work with you, as you start your transition to becoming a parent. Keep an eye on our social media as there are some pretty big giveaways to come.

The information in this blog comes from Possums Online. If you would like to find out more about Possums for Parents with Babies, please visit www.possumsonline.com. Dr Pamela Douglas, GP Lactation Consultant and the founder of Possums Online has a great book published called ‘The Discontented Little Baby.’ This is my new favourite recommendation.