To the genius who came up with daylight savings

I can’t believe spring has sprung and daylight savings is nearly here. I have had a lot of conversations with families lately about their children’s early rising.  The good news is daylight savings starts on Sunday the 7th of October, so those 5:30am wake ups will become 6:30am. I am a happier mother when the day starts after 6.

It takes a week or so to adjust to daylight savings so keep this in mind while your baby or child adapts to the time change. Children who have an established routine will find this change easier. A lot of parents are concerned about the difficulty of putting their children to sleep when it is light outside. I haven’t found this to be a big issue if your child knows how to self settle. Your child may take longer to fall asleep when the change is implemented but this will improve as they adjust.

Tips to make the adjustment just a little easier

  • In the days leading up to the change bring their daily routine forward by 10 minutes a day.
  • Make the bedroom as dark as possible
  • Maintain your nighttime routine with the same sleep associations (sleeping bag, teddy, dummy, white noise etc.)
  • Be patient
  • Don’t stay up too late yourself

 Tips to avoid during this adjustment

  • Try not to wear your children out. …An overtired child is really hard to get to sleep
  • Avoid making the transition in one go, allow a few days for the change to occur
  • Try to make the evening wind down as smooth as possible. Avoid any stimulating games or play just before bed

I hope your little one adjusts quickly and I’m looking forward to some more sunshine and warmth. If you need help with daylight savings adjustment or your child’s sleep, book your free 15-minute consult today. This can be booked through the contact us page.